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Monday - Saturday
By appointment only


“Carol Johnson has helped me eat healthier, monitor my sodium and helped me increase me physical activity. I hope to lose another 20 pounds.”


“I have been a patient of Nutrition Counseling Services for 6 months. In that time I have lost 30 pounds and my blood pressure has been normal for the first time in a few years.”


“The classes were very informative and helpful to my new way of life.”


“I began counting my calories and chose highly nutritional foods. I lost 16 pounds in 4 weeks.”


“During this class I learned about the importance of eating according to what my body needs.”


“Very beneficial on a better way to eat. Eat this, not that! Portion control is key!”


“Have made a couple of visits and I have received the information that I was seeking on education of food. The information has me making better choices for the food I am eating to make me healthier and lose weight.”


“This program is a wonderful tool. The guidance, encouragement, and information I have received from Carol Johnson has been invaluable. I plan to stay with this program because it has been so helpful to me.”


“Coming to Nutrition Counseling Services has been one of my greatest experiences. I have learned to eat healthy, a new lifestyle for me. I have lost approximately 35 pounds, my waist has decreased from 39 1/4 inches to 30 inches. I was borderline diabetic when I began this journey and now that has changed. I have gained confidence in myself and know that Carol Johnson at Nutrition Counseling Services can make a difference for anyone willing to try.”